Balloon Stack Package Option 2 includes TWO number's  in your choice of colour, available in silver, gold, pink, blue, rose gold or rainbow with latex balloon stacker in your choice of colours or we can choose what best works.  Plus 2x floor standing helium filled clusters of 3 latex balloons to compliment colours all coated to last longer. 

1x Delivery in Basingstoke ONLY or click and collect in store.



OPTION 2 Balloon Stack Package DOUBLE DIGIT

VAT Included
Color of Numbers
Sex of Child
  • Please note foil balloons will stay inflated for around a week, however latex balloons unless coated will only last around 12-14 hours (all bouquets with include sealent).  All balloons are best kept at room tempertature.

  • Deliveries are free within Basingstoke.  If outside of Basingstoke please call or email to discuss further.

    Or choose the click and collect option at check out available between 11am and 2pm Monday to Saturday.

*NOTE* LATEX balloons filled with HELIUM (not air) will only stay inflated for around 12-14 hours once inflated, unless coated with a special sealant (HI-FLOAT). Please notify the sales person at time of order if you require balloons to last for any additional time. FOIL balloons will last for around a week if not longer if kept in the right conditions, see our Balloon Care Guide for further information.

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