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Party Balloons


One person will be responsible for order from inflating, packing and delivery using the below process

We take both our own and your safety extremely seriously in these bizarre times and if at any point we feel this is no longer possible we will take the decision to stop retail online deliveries until a future date but know by the happy faces and the many comments we receive when delivering that this service is a positive move and by following the above process the risk to all parties is minimal.

  • Hands sanitised and items picked directly from our shop, which has been closed to the general public since 23rd March 2020 and since this date all interior furnishings and exterior doors are regularly sanitised.  All party items are supplied in sealed manufacturers packaging upon delivery to the recipient, except the foil balloons which are removed from packaging on the day of delivery to enable helium inflation.

  • Foil balloons are inflated, ribboned and weighted then immediately placed in new storage bags along with any other purchased items such as banners, candles etc and then tied shut.

  • All deliveries are then directly placed from the shop into our sign written van (only the same one person has access to this vehicle) and then delivered.

  • Upon arrival at your property the driver will put on a new set of disposable gloves and then leave your sealed storage bag with your items enclosed on the step immediately in front of your door.

  • Driver will either ring bell or knock the door and step back a minimum of 2m and await somebody to answer.

  • Upon door opening the driver will advise the recipient to sanitise the area of the door he has been in contact with and then immediately remove the items from the bag and dispose of it then wash hands.

  • Once delivery is complete the driver will return to his van and dispose of the gloves along with sanitise hands before departing.

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