Pack of 6 flat Latex balloons suitable for air or helium filling.
*Note* These Standard latex balloons will only last 12-14 hours once inflated with helium. 
Delivery within Basingstoke, please call if you require delivery outside of Basingstoke. 

Pack of 6 Flat Latex Balloons (Printed Happy Birthday or Aged 1-100)

VAT Included
  • Please note foil balloons will stay inflated for around a week, however latex balloons unless coated will only last around 12-14 hours (all bouquets with include sealent).  All balloons are best kept at room tempertature.

  • Deliveries are free within Basingstoke. If outside of Basingstoke please call or email to discuss further.Or choose the click and collect option at check out available between 11am and 2pm Monday to Saturday..